You may be…

You may be…

You may be a butterfly flying high above the flower in my hair,
You may be a bird singing better than any of the singers in my player,
You may be a star falling down to my pocket, so that I can make a wish whenever
I want to…

You may be a wind playing with my hair and my wet
(because of teardrops) eyelashes,
You may be a blood corpuscle rushing to my heart all the time,
You may be a sunshine touching my eyes every morning,
You may be someone passing by in the street and not noticing me coming
towards you,
You may be someone passing by in the street, whom I will not notice coming
towards me,
You may be a day in my life-so long or short,
You may be a list in my book of fate- a blank or a complete one,
You may be a line in my hand- deep or frivolous,
You may be my love- found or lost, known or unknown, everlasting or coming
to stay just for a second,
You may be in my soul to bring peace to it or to break it apart and run away,
far-far away to the sunshine or the butterflies so far-far away…
You may be a dream when I’m asleep or when I’m awake…
You may be or may not exist at all…

Love is precious and so hard to keep in order not to hurt it and not to get hurt
 as well…

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