Who are you???...

Who are you???...

So, who are you? - A heavy storm,
A lightning sharp amid a night,
A clap of thunder, piece of fright,
Or burst of sun- so close and warm.

What is your heart? - A piece of stone,
A dusty book that’s closed forever,
Or just a dull and monotone
Long melody of pain and fever.

What colour are your soul and look,
What steps are those you always took?
While walking, singing in my heart
And talking, thinking it’s so hard
To stay here till the sunset comes,
To love her teardrops on both thumbs
And to believe that you can stay,
And to believe that you can say:
“It’s not a lie, but it’s a dream,
It’s not goodbye, but it’s a stream
Of sudden feelings, sudden pain,
Still rushing down like heavy rain.

And in the end, so what is love?-
A toy in fingers of your hands,
A song still sung by music bands
Or just the air that you breathe,
And just the light your eyes still heave,

When seeing sunrise every day,
When watching me dying away,
My heart and soul that never stay
Around your eyes, beside your way…….

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